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Inclusive companies are almost 2x's more innovative

23% of C-suites are made up of women. 4% are made up of women of color, and 1% are African-American. Fortune 500 CEOs consist of 92.6% of whites, 3.4% are Latinx, 2.4% East Asians or South Asians, and 1% African-Americans.

Diverse Management boosts revenue by almost 20%. By 2025, the workforce will be dominated and growing by Millennials and Gen Z.

increased diversity and inclusion is good

Majority of Gen Z and Millennials are likely to be loyal

44% of Millennials classify themselves as non-Caucasian, 48% of Gen Z. 62% of Gen Z say increased diversity and inclusion is good for society. Majority of Gen Z and MIllennials are likely to be loyal to a positive workplace culture defined as:

Building Community

Everyone needs a little help sometimes and when we are working as hard as we do and focused on all the other aspects of life, it is difficult to find the authentic support that we need to share a work related problem, to find the right doctor in a new neighborhood or a friend to share life’s ups and down.

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A community that supports career evolution, life’s transitions, camaraderie, and philanthropy for professional women in their 40’s and 50’s.

Established 9/2019

Digital Platform and Events


  • Weekly interviews with influencers, authors, experts
  • Weekly Current Events Conversation series
  • Movie screenings
  • Dinner series
  • Sponsors of YWCA Activists and Agitators.
  • Founding Sponsors of Dress for Success’s Interview for Success
  • Established Spiceteria Serves.
    1. Created fund to employ women-owned caterers to feed Human Service frontline workers, to date delivered 350 meals.
    2. Currently working on fundraising efforts for BLM.
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A community for Millennial-aged professional women. They are new to the community and relatively new to their careers. The Authentically Us community provides a soft landing for authentic connections, professional development and mentoring, mental and physical well-being, personal development, and fun.

Established 3/2020

Digital and in-person

  • Friendship and professional support
  • Trailing significant other employment contacts.

Mentors, workshops.

Special guests speakers, webinars, member curated career forums and job boards, tips and hacks. 

Personal and academic development for high school and college aged young women of color.